Mind set for advertising


Today lets talk about the mind set for advertising.

There are 2 types of advertising:

Fixed cost Media and Performance based Media. The mid set for this 2 types is totally opposite one to the other.

Mind Set Advertising: Fixed Cost Media

This type of media is composed by articles, solo ads, etc.

In Fixed Cost media you want every one, so you get most out of the money you pay. So get the most leads but not necessary sells.

Mind set advertising: Performance based media:

This is the type of media where advertising comes in the way of Pay-Per-Click or Cost-Per-Click, also Cost-Per-Acquisition.

In performance based media we want to get the clicks that are really ready to buy and discourage the ones that just want to check out about what we are advertising but they do not have the desire to buy, so we do the most money but not necessary the most leads. This is because every click cost us money.

Based on the mind set lets now think about the prospect:

The prospect can be associated with a thirsty deer. The deer knows where is the river or lake where there is fresh water. The deer goes there and before start drinking, they look around to see if there is anything “out of normal” or unsafe. Only when they are totally sure there is nothing hidden, they drink.

In our case:

When we have the traffic, this traffic will be directed to a capture page. People will go to the capture page looking for a solution to their situation, but they will look for anything that will make them insecure. If they find something that generates the minimum doubt, they will leave and will not convert.

So Capture page is incredible important. Capture pages should not then present any information that may distract or alert our customers, so the cleaner the better.

The only thing that must be important in the capture page is the headline. Nothing else. The headline should be intriguing and spark the curiosity. The more intriguing is the headline the more conversions we will have.

Also something important is the background colour of the capture page. Gray beats Blue which beats white.

Think about this. The more people enter their email and want to know more about your product the more leads you will get and the more people will convert once they get into the offer it-self.

Capture pages are really important in performance based media media. They may be also important in fixed cost media, but in there you can say more.

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Elkin Florez

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Magic Traffic Machine


If you think there is no Magic Trafic Machine systems that allow you to drive trafic to your blogs, pages and so on, in an automated way, you need to look the video bellow:

It does not matter what is your business, what is it that you are selling or offering, this information will propel you to the top in traffic.

The presentations come from the Internet Marketing masters that are making more than $100.000 PER MONTH, yes, you have read correctly, PER MONTH. They are is Lawrence Tan and Daegan Smith.

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This is Lawrence Tan:

You see Lawrence with his check of $123,010, and Toby $58,886…

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Now this is the video I promised that let you understand how to make your Magic Traffic Machine. Enjoy…

These are some notes about from the video for the first 35 minutes… This video is FULL OF INFORMATION for FREE for you:

1. Your list is your mayor source of income.
2. You cannot brake your suurce of income.
3. You need to take care of your list and help them to recieve what they are waiting for.
4. Your business will start being profitable when you start using your list to generate money.
5. Hypertraker present stats of clicks, leads, the cost per lead, and what is it generated by the list
6. You spend some money creating the list, you get money from selling to the list and then you get the profit
7. 3 parts of list building: Lead capture page, Email marketing: stories, and othe stuff, and sell things to the list.

Please take your own notes and if you want you can add comments to this blog with the most important points of the video for you.

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Elkin Florez
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How to advertise banned domains


advertise banned domainsThis is a new thing I learned in the hard way. How to advertise banned domains in places that you are not allowed to advertice, specially if you are tryin go advertise an affiliate link, like Empower network.

The problem to publish banned domains

Facebook and other big traffic drivers does not allow people to advertise some products or using affilate links in any of the services they have. For example if you want to publish a URL that points to your blog in Empower network, Facebook will not allow you. However, this is easy to fix. These are the steps.

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Firs step to advertise banned domains:

You need to have your own domain name and a hosting facility for this solution to work. I would suggest to use GoDaddy for the domain name and Hostgator for the hosting facility, They are very inexpensive.

Second step to advertise banned domains:

You need to install your WordPress blogging system in your host. Hostgator includes this software for free when you sign up with them for hosting.

Third step to advertise banned domains:

Install the plugging “Redirection” or “Safe Redirect Manager” Both work more or less in the same way. For this blog I will use “Sage Redirect Manager”

Fourht step to advertise banned domains:

Create a page with no content. For that go to the left menu and click “pages”and then “add new”. In the form to create the page porvide a dummy title and post the page. Click the view button on top to view the page. Then copy the URL of the page.

Fifth step to advertise banned domains:

Go to “Tools” menu in the left panel and select “Safe Redirect Manager”. In the screen presented, you can add a new redirection by pressing the read button at the top of the screen saying “Create new Redirect”.

Then you see 2 fields: “Redirect From” and “Redirect To”. In the Redirect From, paste the URL of the dummy page you just created. In the “Redirect to” field type the URL of the affiliate page, For example the URL of you blog in Empower Network, and Click Publish.

Sixt step to advertise banned domains:

Go to Facebook or the location page you are trying to post the URL and post the URL of the page you created in your blog (The same you pasted in the “Redirect from” field in the previous step.

And Voila, now when your viewers click in the link of your page, your WordPress will redirect the link to your Empower Network blog. You do not have to duplicate content and do not have to worry about not being able to post urls from your affilate program. I other words you can advertise banned domains.

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Kittens watching tennis


Cartoons often make fun at how tennis fans look at the game; the way everyone’s head seem to move in unison following the ball. Here you have two kittens doing the same thing when a women’s tennis match was on television.

This is an amazing video that has been viral. in just one weekend this video has garnered more than 140.000 views…

Now, Have you ever feel like these kitten? I mean have you ever feel that things are happening there and you are just watching, moving your eyes and head to follow others that are in the game doing things that you would like to do?

For example practicing the sport you like, living the live you’d like, having the business you’d like, traveling the way your’d like… and you are just looking at them and doing nothing about it?

You see, these cats move slightly their paws to “try” to catch the ball, but it is not enough for catching the ball. At the end one of the cats decide to leave his comfort zone and moved towards the place he would like to be.

Perhaps you are tired to see others doing the things you would like to be doing. If so, why you just stay there doing nothing, just moving your head and eyes from side to side wanting to be in the game?

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Look this pictures… they decided to move. They decided to leave their comfort zone. They are now getting the rewards for that. They are not looking at others in the game, they are now in the game and others are looking at them wanting to be there. They were exactly at the same situation before they decide to take action and move.



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Elkin Florez
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Quick blogging. The key for success.


Today I want talk about quick blogging and why it is the key for success.

What is blogging

Blogging is the task you do when you write an article that will be published on internet using a blog system.

There are many platforms for blogging. You can create your own blogging system if you want. For doing that you should buy a domain (the name after the www in every internet address ie. amazon.com), then you have to get a service that host your files and your internet platform, then you have to install a blogging platform and then you have to write your blog. Other option for all this is to use a pre-existent blogging service that you can get for free or for a small fee and start blogging immediately… but there is a catch with the blogging systems other than Empower network. I will talk about that in the next section.

when you write your article (or blog), you can talk about any subject, from cooking to jet propulsion. You can express your own ideas and can also talk about the ideas of other. Your blog is the door for your mind to the world. If you look your articles after some time you will see how your thinking have evolve, and so you will see clearly how you think today.

In other words, blogging can be the replacement for your journal. And even better, because you can have different blogs for different subjects if you like.

Why should you blog

When you blog you are creating. You are presenting your self, you are evolving you thinking, If you are studying something or learning about something, you are practicing what you have learn and you are clarifying your thought and understanding. When you write you need to have clear ideas for you to write. Blogging force your mind to structure your thinking, improve your communications skills and your writing skills.

Now imaging you have all this advantages and on top of that you get paid ? You see, if you get a free blogging system or a commercial one different to Empower Network, you can blog, and have all the advantages I just mention to you above, but YOU CANNOT GET PAID FOR BLOGGING!!!!.. This is the MAYOR Difference.

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What is more important than blogging

Blogging is an incredible tool, because all what you write will stay on internet as long as you want or as long as you preserve your blogging system. If that is a long time, Google will start taking your blogs and present them in its first pages of the search engine, so you start getting ranked. You need to do some Search Engine Optimizations to your posts, but it is nothing major. So people will have access to your blogs and you can get paid when they look at them. Isn’t that cool?

This process I describe above can take some time, so you can implement a way to tell others about your blogs and then people will start looking at them. For example if you post a link to your post in your Facebook wall.And better that that… What if you tell people to share the link if they like the article ha!!!

Then more important than blogging is to bring people to read your blog Right? At the end of the day this is what you want. And what if you get paid for that?

Empower network is based on that concept alone and we have move more than 20 million dollars in just 1 year the concept has been created. There are several people that by doing this, earn incomes of more than $100.000 PER MONTH, and more than 60 people that is above the $10.000 PER MONTH most of them PART TIME. Look at the pictures bellow.

If you are fired up with the possibility of having all the benefits from blogging and you want also to learn how to make $10.000 PER MONTH PART TIME, press the banner below this paragraph enter the information required for you to start and submit the form. You will get instant access to the blogging system for only $25 per month and you will get TONS of training and the possibilities to get 100% commissions on every product of Empower Network.

How to do quick blogging

Most of the beginners (and I did that also) spend hours blogging. To the point that they get discourage and quit. If you want to get the levels of income that I show you above you need to learn to write quick compelling posts.

There are posts that you may spend 15 to 20 mins, but there are also times that you may want to spend one hour or so. We recoment not to spend more than an hour.

For that you can post about what you have learn in Empower Network today. You can write about a situation that happen to you and you think people may like to know about it, etc. Things that are quick, educative and compelling to people.

For example the subject of this post is just a very small part of a full training in empower network. The details and all the tricks for doing successful income generating blogs are in that AMAZING training call the 15K Formula.

The Entire purpose of Empower Network is to make you a six-figured income earner. If we do that we have done our job. TO start to be a six-figures earner today, click HERE and provide the information you are ask for the enrollment and submit. You will get instant access to your blogging system the Free training and the money management system for you to get your commissions. Click HERE NOW!.

See you on the other side of the river, We will guide you to the top of the highest mountain.

Elkin Florez
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